Al Zedan For Recruitment Company one of the pioneers in the provision -of staffing services. It has over 25 years of experience in that field. It is distinguished with its highly qualified staff consisting of 50 consultants and specialists. Hence, it can provide you with candidates with efficient caliber that can help take your business steps forward.

The corporation was established targeting Recruiting Egyptians Abroad in different fields. It covers all Gulf countries through its extremely wide contacts with big Hospitals, Companies & Groups. It has a local network of more than 500 agents, spread around the governorates of Egypt, providing us with the promising candidates for vacant positions in different field.

Our Vision


We serve as a framework for our roadmap, guiding every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue to achieve sustained growth and quality in business.

Our Mission


Our target epitomized in helping our clients at Gulf countries achieves the Companies & Groups strategic goals by providing them with the “best selection from the most qualified Egyptian candidates.

Our Services


We can finalize the procedures of issuing the visas of the selected employees while you are at your work place if you just contacted us at any time. We can also send you CV’s of the qualified nominees.

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